St. Stephen’s Basilica

 I added St. Stephen's Basilica, one of the most symbolic structures of the city, to the list of places to visit in Budapest. From its history to its dazzling architecture and the events held inside, St. Stephen's Basilica offers travelers a touristic feast. St. Stephen's Basilica, which was built in memory of the first king of Hungary, Stephen, was completed in about 50 years due to some negativities during the construction phase. One of the striking features of the church, which was opened in 1906, is that 3 different architects worked on the construction of the basilica. Although St. Stephen's Basilica was started to be built in neoclassical style, the architecture of the building was later converted to Neo-Renaissance style. The richness of the exterior and interior decoration immediately catches the eye. When you enter the church, it is not possible not to be affected by the sublime atmosphere and magnificence inside. Gilded frescoes on the ceilings, natural light